Tampa’s market should be the hottest in the country in 2022; here’s why.

Recently, we appeared on “Daytime” to discuss our red-hot housing market. We had a ton of fun sharing the good news about our market, and we look forward to more appearances in the future. 

As you may know, the housing market in 2022 is expected to remain hot all over the country. However, Tampa Bay is a special case. According to pretty much every real estate expert out there, Tampa should experience the most appreciation out of any market in the U.S. If you’ve lived in Tampa Bay for a while, you probably aren’t surprised. There are plenty of factors causing people to move here. 

First, our sports teams have been on a winning streak recently. It may not sound like a big deal, but it keeps our area in the news and top of mind for relocators. Second, Baby Boomers are getting older, and they love the fantastic weather here. Finally, more people are working from home. Why would someone work somewhere cold when they can do the same job from a lovely Florida home? 

Another thing putting our area on the map is “Selling Tampa,” a new reality show about a local brokerage. The show has been a minor hit on Netflix, and it’s causing more people to look at our area seriously. For a while, Tampa was a bit of a hidden gem on Florida’s eastern coast. Now, the cat’s out of the bag, and “Selling Tampa” is more proof.

Recently, Florida has passed California as the state with the most real estate agents. With so many options to choose from, how do we differentiate ourselves? It’s simple; we make sure we’re proactive and on top of things in a way that other teams aren’t. The Borham Team uses marketing strategies others don’t. Plus, if you look at agent reviews on Google, you’ll see that we have over 850 five-star reviews. That makes us the best-reviewed real estate organization in Tampa.

“Tampa Bay isn’t a hidden gem anymore. ”

Our hot market is great for business, but how does it affect sellers? The bottom line right now is that sellers get to control terms. There’s more that goes into a real estate transaction than price. The inspection period, appraisal, move-in date, and other contingencies are all factors in a deal. Right now, sellers have the final word when it comes to all these factors. 

Our market is moving lightning-quick. If you work with a great team like us, we’ll only need your home for ten hours to get a fantastic deal. There’s no need to sell to an iBuyer who is willing to pay you quick cash; in no time at all, we can net you a fantastic deal with the terms you need. 

If you’re buying, how can you hope to afford a home when prices are rising so fast? Fortunately, affordability is still better today than it was in 1984 because of our interest rates. Prices may be rising, but the cost of money remains cheap. If you buy a home soon, you can take advantage of our appreciation and begin building equity. 

We like to thank “Daytime” once again for having us on; it was a lot of fun! If you have questions about today’s topic or anything else, please call or email us. We’d look forward to hearing from you.