Three methods we offer to help sellers improve their chances of success.

Are you interested in selling your home, but worried about being able to buy a different one? This is the concern for so many people out there. We don’t want that fear to hold you back, so we’re sharing some of the many options we have available for people like you. 

One solution to this problem is that there are mortgage programs that will help you become a cash buyer, which will set you above other buyers. Overall, we have a lot of different plans for specific situations, but there are three we want to highlight today: 

1. A quick cash deal. We have people who will come in and buy your house with a no-strings attached cash offer, and help you make sure your house gets sold quickly in a legitimate way. We have hundreds of buyers that are ready to purchase today that we can bring to you.

“We have the right option for you.”

2. Making your current home move-in ready. This is where we help you with up to $25,000 of cosmetic upgrades, and you don’t pay for that until the house closes. This will get your home ready for the market so you can sell quickly and for the most money possible. Then you can use that extra money to help with your next purchase! 

3. The BURR method. This stands for buy, update, renovate, repeat. This is for people who want to grow their rental portfolio instead of selling their current home. More people become millionaires in this country through real estate than through any other method, so I always recommend this avenue. 

We have the right option for you. For more information, visit our website by clicking here, or call (866) 308-7109. We look forward to hearing from you!